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UltrAspire Immortal Ambassador

I’m excited to announce that I have been selected for the 2017 UltrAspire Immortal Ambassador Team! When I moved up to the 100 mile distance a few years ago I wasn’t happy with most of the hydration packs I had been using. They weren’t that comfortable and I knew comfort was going to be important, especially in the later miles of the race. Then I read about the Speedgoat waist pack. It was designed with input of ultra running legend Karl Meltzer. That was enough to pique my interest and give it try. After my first run with it I fell in love with the pack and became an UltrAspire fan.


Meet the 2017 UltrAspire Immortal Team

These days I find myself using the Zygos race vest for my longer endeavors. It allows me to carry more water thanks to the reservoir and I can still carry a bottle in one of the front pockets with Tailwind in it for my electrolytes and calories. I still fall back to using the Speedgoat for shorter races when I don’t want to carry around the extra weight from a reservoir full of water.

I’m looking forward to representing UltrAspire in the coming year at races, in training and through my social media channels. It is a brand I use and a brand I trust.


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2017 Race Calendar

With the Western States and Hardrock race lotteries complete (I didn’t get in), I have a pretty good picture of what my race calendar for 2017 will look like. I’ll be spending the first half of the year on the trails and the second half on the roads. Hopefully this is the year I can knock off two elusive goals.

Apr 9 – Woodside/Purisima Creek Crossover – 50K (Possible)


I’ve run a couple races in Woodside but I haven’t done a 50K there yet. This race fits nicely into the schedule and is close to home. Sounds like the perfect training race to use as a supported long training run.

 May 13 – Quicksilver 100K 


This race is close to home and I’ve had my eye on it for a couple years now. I would have pulled the trigger sooner but it hasn’t meshed well with my schedule. It has the added benefit of being a Western States qualifier so I’ll get that out of the way early this year. It will also be my first 100K! I’m pretty excited about this one. Worth noting is that this race has sold out in around 2 hours the past two years so if you want to run it in the future, sign up quick.

Jun 9 – San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run


This will be my fourth 100 and hopefully the one I finally get the sub 24 hour monkey off my back at. I’ll be competing in the solo division which means I’ll be running sans crew and pacers. The big question here is how hot will it be?

Sept 2 & 3 – Disneyland Double Dare (10K + Half Marathon)


My family usually runs multiple runDisney events at Disneyland each year but this year we’ve cut back to just one. The prices for these events are a little steep and they’ve gotten a little repetitive. This one is the original Disneyland half and by far the best one.

Oct 22 – Morgan Hill Half Marathon 


Signing up for this one has become automatic. This will be my eighth consecutive year running one of the events (7 half marathons and 1 marathon). The starting line is a mile away from my doorstep and I love supporting my hometown race.

Dec 3 – California International Marathon


I ran my first Boston qualifying time at CIM. This time I’m going back to knock off another goal. A sub three hour marathon.