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Monthly Miles: June Recap

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June was the month that I was eagerly anticipating and dreading at the same time. It was to be my highest volume of mileage ever as I trained for the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 in July. The plan was to hit 400 miles for the month with 90 in the first week, 100 in the second, 110 in the third, and back down to 100 in the fourth. I had never done a single week of 100 miles so I was nervous and excited to see how I would hold out averaging 100 for four weeks.

The first week of June went very smoothly. I had taken the last week of May pretty easy in order to rest for what was to come. I ended up with 90 miles with 9,700 feet of elevation gain.

June Week 1 Training Volume

In the second week I finally crossed the 100 mile per week line for the first time in my running history. So far the plan was working pretty flawlessly. I was doing most of the running at relatively easy paces since doing this kind of volume was uncharted territory for me.


During the third week the wheels started coming off the wagon a little bit. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I had horrible runs. I felt lethargic and like my legs were dead. Then all of a sudden I had an incredible run on Sunday and set a few Strava segment PRs. 110 miles in the book for the week which is my highest volume ever and probably will be for a while.


Disaster struck on Monday of the fourth week. I was out shopping and when I went to grab a case of soda out from under the shopping cart to put on the register I pulled something in my back. This was on my rest day out of all days! I imagine it happened so easily because my body was fatigued. I took Tuesday off to nurse my injury. During this time I isolated the pain and figured it was my Piriformis and not my back. I’ve dealt with this problem before and know it actually helps to run through the pain. My week was somewhat salvaged.

After some serious massage on my Piriformis I was set to hit the road again. On Wednesday I put in a couple easy 6 milers to test out the back. It was still sore from the tension the tight Piriformis was placing on it but it felt better after I was done running. I fell short of my goal of 100 miles for the week but I was grateful to get some decent mileage after the back scare. It is still not 100% but should be by race day.


I ended the month with 385 miles with 44,304 feet of vertical gain. I didn’t hit my goal of 400 miles but I’m fine with that. The more important goal is making it to the TRT100 starting line healthy. As an added bonus I ended up ranking pretty high on the Strava June Monthly Training Series (MTS) leader board. My 620km placed me at 16/39,702 runners participating. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the first page of a Strava challenge leader board.

Strava June Monthly Training Series (MTS)

Total Activities: 32
Total Hours: 63
Running Miles: 385
Racing Miles: 0

Strava Challenges Completed

Strava Prove It 40K RunStrava Prove It 80K RunStrava Prove It 120K RunStrava Prove It 160K RunStrava Prove It 200K RunStrava Races 10KStrava Races 13.1


One thought on “Monthly Miles: June Recap

  1. Congrats on finishing the TRT 100, that is a very tough course. It kicked by butt on only one lap, and you were able to do two. Hope to see you again at WTC50k next year.

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