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Monthly Miles: February Recap


Last month I kicked off the year with a good start. I logged a decent amount of base mileage and I was starting to feel good running again. February was a different story. I started this month off with the flu! I was supposed to follow last year’s plan and use the Fort Ord 50K as a training run for the Way Too Cool 50K but two days before the race I was rocking a 102 degree temperature and it didn’t happen. I ended up losing two weeks of solid training which is going to hamper my performance at Way Too Cool later this week. Even with the set back I was able to log some decent mileage. Here’s how this month stacked up…

Total Activities: 25
Total Miles: 286
Total Hours: 28
Cycling Miles: 160
Running Miles: 125
Racing Miles: 0 (Too sick for the Fort Ord 50K)

Strava Challenges Completed


Strava Prove It 40K RunStrava Prove It 80K RunStrava Prove It 120K RunStrava Prove It 160K RunStrava Prove It 200K RunStrava Races 10KStrava Races 13.1


Strava Prove It 250K Ridden


2 thoughts on “Monthly Miles: February Recap

  1. Jealous of the biking…my bike is still a clothes hanger

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