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Monthly Miles: January Recap

In December I logged 90 combined cycling and running miles over 11 hours. November was even worse totaling 67 miles over 5 hours. For the first time in a long time I let outside influences derail my training. Now its time to pick up the pieces and rebuild. Its a new year and I have new goals to achieve. January has been dedicated to rebuilding fitness and losing weight. That means a lot of slowly run base miles and time in the saddle. I did throw in a couple races for fun.

Total Activities: 31
Total Miles: 256
Total Hours: 27
Cycling Miles: 110
Running Miles: 146
Racing Miles: 19.3


Tinker Bell 10K
Tinker Bell Half Marathon

Strava Challenges Completed


Strava Prove It 25K RunStrava Prove It 50K RunStrava Prove It 75K RunStrava Prove It 100K RunStrava Races 10KStrava Races 13.1


Strava Prove It 150K Ridden