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Race Report: 2014 Tinker Bell 10K


Tinker Bell 10K

Tinker Bell 10K

And I’m back. The past two months have been tough. I’ve battled illness and a total lack of motivation after not gaining entry into a couple races I qualified for. Add in some work related stress and I’ve become a mess. I’m undertrained and overweight. There is nothing like a race or two to verify it.

As a male runner the Tinker Bell Half Marathon is a tough pill to swallow. It is a women’s themed event and men can not start in the first corral. Men are also not eligible for overall or age group awards. The only reason why I do it is because runDisney races are great family events. My kids run, my wife runs, and my mom runs. This year runDisney made that pill a little easier to swallow by adding the Tinker Bell 10K to the weekend’s events. Men were eligible for all awards here.

Originally when I signed up I had a lofty goal of placing in the top three overall. I didn’t have anything else on my race calendar and the 10K was going to be the race I focused on for the fall. Of course that was before my training went into the toilet. My new goal was to shoot for an age group award. Even this might have been a stretch given the three weeks of training I had under my belt.

Tinker Bell 10K Start

Tinker Bell 10K Start

Right off the start both of my hamstrings felt tight. Not a good way to start a race that you’re underprepared for. You can almost see how awkward I started in the picture above (orange singlet). The first mile is the all-too-familiar trek from the start down Disneyland Drive before heading into the backstage of Disneyland. I was surprised that I felt relatively comfortable running with some speed. The first mile clocked in at 6:37. Far from what I’m capable of BUT much faster than I’ve been doing. The question then became how long could I hold this for?

I think I went out too fast thanks to the encouraging sign by my friends at @RaceEveryStep.

I think I went out too fast thanks to the encouraging sign by my friends at @RaceEveryStep.

During the second mile of the race we passed the Haunted Mansion. To my surprise the Bride and the Parasol Girl from the stretching portraits were in front of the mansion for photo ops. I have never been more tempted to stop for a picture during a runDisney race in my life. At this point of the race I was feeling good and running in the top 20. Despite the temptation, I carried on and clocked a 6:43 mile. Slower but still holding on!

The next mile would wrap us around the Matterhorn and past Pixie Hollow. Seriously runDisney, how do you not have the fairies out during their own race? From Pixie Hollow we made our way down Main Street and over to Disney California Adventure. After cruising down Buena Vista Street we made a hard right down Condor Flats and eventually wound up at Paradise Pier. 6:51 for mile 3. I felt like I was about to pop at that point.

Tinker Bell 10K Course Map

Tinker Bell 10K Course Map

The fourth mile took us around the back side of Paradise Pier, through Cars Land and out of the Park via Hollywood Land. I rolled through the 5K mark with a split time of 20:55. Shortly after that I popped and ended up running a 7:02 fourth mile.

After exiting DCA we headed up Harbor Blvd and hung a right onto Manchester Way. We followed this road along the freeway until intersecting with Disney Way where we headed back towards the parks. My fifth mile ended during this section. Clocking in at 7:05 it was my slowest mile.

When we got back to Harbor Blvd we turned left and headed towards Katella. At this point I knew all I had to do was hang on and I would more than likely place in my age group. I tried to as hard as I could to reel in a couple runners in front of me but I wasn’t able to. I even lost a spot to another runner who was able to run me down as I was closing the gap on the runners in front of me. My sixth mile came in at 6:57.

After a quick turn back onto Disneyland Dr and then a finish in the Simba parking lot and we were done. With a finish time of 42:48 it was far from a PR for me but it was good for 23rd place overall and 2nd in the 35-39 male age group. Another bonus of the race is that it coincided with a Strava challenge. I was able to log my fastest 10K of the month for the Strava Races 10K.

Strava Races 10K

Strava Races 10K


Overall: 23/8,238

Men: 19/1,539

M35-39: 2/222

Shoes: Mizuno Ekiden

Tinker Bell Half and 10K Medals

Tinker Bell Half and 10K Medals


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