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Race Report: 2013 Tinker Bell Half Marathon

2013 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Start
Start of the 2013 Tinker Bell Half Marathon. My mom and wife are in the front!

For the second year in a row I competed on a coed team at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon with my mom. Even though this is a women’s themed event a handful of guys run it too. This year there were 1,384 men that finished the race including Sean Astin of Lord of the Rings, The Goonies, and Rudy fame. Since this is a women’s race, the men let the women go first and have to start in corral C. Well, at least most of us do. Unfortunately there are a few men who feel the need to cheat by sneaking into earlier corrals. 

Sean Astin at the start of the 2013 Tinker Bell Half Marathon.
Sean Astin joins the rest of the men in corral C. I’m on the far left.

The first mile is run outside the parks going down Disneyland Dr., Ball Rd., and Harbor Blvd. before entering Disney California Adventure. Inside DCA we ran though Paradise Pier, Cars Land,  Hollywood Land and Grizzly Peak before exiting the side gate in Condor Flats.

From there we ran over to Disneyland! We cruised down Main Street where Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and Tinker Bell cheered us on. From there we visited Tomorrowland, Toon Town, and Fantasyland. We exited Fantasyland through Sleeping Beauty’s castle and proceeded to Frontierland, past the pirates outside Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square and then went backstage in Critter Country.  

2013 Tinker Bell Half Marathon course map.

Shortly after the 5 mile mark we exited Disneyland and headed into Downtown Disney. At the end of Downtown Disney is the Disneyland Hotel and also the stronghold of the ladies of the Red Hat Society. For the second year in a row these awesome ladies were out in force to cheer on the runners. Many people consider this one of the highlights of the race.

After leaving Disney’s property it was time to cruise the streets of Anaheim. I’m afraid that my race fell apart here. After the California International Marathon in early December I took most of that month off from running and it showed. I was able to maintain my pace for the most part but I got passed by a couple men. I really like the route that this race takes through Anaheim much better than the Disneyland Half Marathon. Running through downtown and the residential areas is a lot more pleasant than some of the industrial areas we run through in the Disneyland Half.

A little after 11 and a half miles we returned to Disney property and ran along the backside of DCA. Unfortunately I was passed by a couple more men in the last mile and a half of the race. This should have put me in 11th place of men. Unfortunately one of the guys that I mentioned earlier that crashed an earlier corral came in before me placing me in 12th place of men. Not only did this guy cheat by sneaking into corral B, he also was the first man to cross the finish line because of it! Luckily he wasn’t the fastest overall and fell to 6th place.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter because there aren’t any awards for men, but it still bothers me that this guy beat me. By sneaking into an earlier corral he had a huge advantage over the rest of the men because he had a lot less runners to maneuver around.

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Medals
Tinker Bell Half Marathon Medals

At the end I’m happy with my results. I finished in 1:28:07 which is my second fastest half marathon. Considering the handicap of starting in corral C I think I could set a new half PR later this year. Team Christopher Robin finished in 15th place out of 302 coed teams! I finished in 15th place overall and was the 12th man to come in. I would have finished second in my age group if they were any for this race.


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Expo Review: Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon

Welcome to the Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon expo!

It isn’t very often that I write about expos. I usually try to get in. Get my bib, shirt, etc. Do a quick scan of the expo vendors. And get out as quickly as possible! However, like all things Disney they like to sprinkle in a little magic here and there and the Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon expo was no exception.

Upon entering the expo the first thing you see is the runDisney booth as expected. I also noticed a short line on the side and then quickly realized what it was for. At last year’s Tinker Bell 1/2 I started next to Sean Astin! This year Sean was at the expo meeting fans! As a child of the 80’s I LOVE The Goonies and I’m a huge Tolkein fan as well so this was a major deal for me. I tried to refrain from geeking out on him but I’m afraid my inner geek couldn’t hold itself back. Hopefully I didn’t embarrass myself too badly.

Me with Sean Astin of Goonies, Rudy, and Lord of the Rings Fame. He also loves running!

One of the coolest vendors there was Sanuk. I already have a pair of their sandals and they are incredibly comfortable. They were at the expo displaying their footwear, giving out cool stickers, mustaches, and smiles.

My daughter modeling a mustache courtesy of Sanuk.

Since everyone in my family is a Disney fan we have a few Vinylmations lying around the house. Okay… we have a lot. During the WDW Marathon Weekend a new runDisney Vinylmation was released. Better yet he had medals you could buy for the different events they were holding that weekend! It was a pretty safe assumption that he was going to be available at the Tinker Bell expo and that there would be a Tinker Bell medal. I can’t wait to see what the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon medal is going to look like!

runDisney Vinylmation with 2013 Tinker Bell medal.

Even though I didn’t meet my my goal of getting out of the expo as quickly as possible I had a blast. This was easily the most fun I’ve had at any running expo. I’ll get up my review of the race in the next couple days.

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Strava Challenge: Base Mile Blast

For the second year in a row Strava has hosted the Base Mile Blast challenge. Today marks the midway point of the challenge and so far I’ve knocked out 85 miles which is good for 522nd place out of 7,814 runners actively participating in the challenge. The current leader is Jeff Hunter who has so far logged an astounding 299 miles in 22 runs. That leaves me 214 miles behind the leader!

Last January I logged 105 miles. I should easily surpass last year’s total for the month which is all I was setting out to do. So far I’ve received the badges for completing 25, 50, and 75 miles. Two more to go to earn them all.

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AS SEEN ON the Run: White Fallow Deer

In 1934 William Randolph Hearst donated two pair of white fallow deer to the Henry Miller estate. When the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department purchased the property to incorporate it into the Mt. Madonna County Park the deal included the captive herd where they remain to this day.

I had heard about the herd before but I never came across them until yesterday’s run.

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Race Report: Dec 2012 PCTR Woodside 35K

Earlier this year I ran the Pacific Coast Trail Runs 35K  as a training run leading into the Ohlone 50K. In that race I found myself in fourth place at the halfway turnaround point and went from training run mode to race mode to catch and pass the third place runner. I ended up finishing that one third but I wasn’t so lucky this time around.

The course starts out in a field and quickly hits a short single track section where passing is difficult if not impossible. Even though I’ve been slacking off since CIM I figured I had enough fitness to place in this race so I stayed with the leaders from the start so I wouldn’t get held back by a slower runner in this section.

After a little more than a half a mile the course moves onto a fire road for a long 4.5 mile climb to the King’s Mountain aid station. Realizing I couldn’t keep the pace for the long climb I slowed down and let my friend I was running with race by himself.

After the King’s Mountain aid station the course becomes is more or less rolling hill single and double track through the redwoods. Knowing my friend was up ahead I increased my effort a little to try to gain some ground.

Somewhere around the 10 mile point you reach the Bear Gulch aid station which also serves as the turnaround point for the 35K distance. The nice thing about having an out and back section is that you can figure out your position in the race, how far ahead the competition is, and how close the runners behind you are. The lead runner was about 6 minutes up on me with a chase group of two runners a couple minutes back. My friend was in fourth place another couple minutes back and I was two minutes off of him.

I had a quick turnaround at Bear Gulch thanks to the volunteers there and quickened my pace to hunt down my friend. Earlier this year when I was in fourth and caught the third place runner I had a bigger deficit to overcome so I didn’t think I would have a problem.

Unfortunately slacking off and only getting in a handful of runs for the month is not the best training for a trail race. About a mile or two after Bear Gulch my hamstrings started tweaking. After months of training on the roads for a fast marathon I don’t think they were ready for the hills of a trail race. Eventually they started cramping forcing me to walk and shuffle the rest of the course. As I stumbled along I was passed several times over. At the 3:11 mark, which was the time I finished the course in earlier this year I still had about two and a half miles to go.

With about a mile to go I found my friend on the side of the road. I thought he came back to see what was taking me so long but he suffered the same fate as me only in a more epic fashion. He ended up cramping so bad that he had to sit down on the trail and wait until he was able to walk again. We ended up walking the final mile in together.

There’s always next year! Photo courtesy of Allen Lucas.

It was a little sad to walk into the finish line of the final race of a year filled with monster personal records and my first Boston Marathon qualifier but I finished injury free and had a great time. I’m happy with that.

Final Stats
Time: 3:42:35
Age Group (35-39): 5/6
Males: 7/12
Overall: 11/32

Shoes: Montrail Rouge Fly