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Strava Challenge: Road ID Lace ’em Up

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The Road ID Lace ’em Up Challenge seemed easy enough. Just run 50 miles in 7 days. The prize was a $10 gift card good towards the purchase of a Road ID or any gear from RoadID.com. The three prior weeks I had racked 55, 65, and 62 miles so this should have been a piece of cake.

To my surprise I ran into a major mental funk after the Morgan Hill Half Marathon. I had planned on taking one day off after the race. That turned to two days. I did make it out Wednesday but for only 7 miles. Come Friday I was way behind on the challenge. I was going to need 43 miles in about 48 hours. I was able to sneak 6 miles in on Friday night. Only 37 to go! Saturday started with an incredible 13 miles on the local trails at sunrise. I logged an easy 4 miles that evening. 30 miles down. 20 miles to go. 1 day to do it!

I had a 17 mile long run scheduled for Sunday but it didn’t happen. I was exhausted and had it cut it three miles short. This left me needing to do another 6 mile run in the evening. Usually that wouldn’t be an issue but the cumulative fatigue of the previous three weeks and the 37 miles so far that weekend had me worn out. Somehow I was able to drag myself out that evening to finish off the challenge. If it had not been for Strava I probably would have slacked off a lot more than I would have liked last week.

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