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Monthly Miles: June Recap

June was the month that I was eagerly anticipating and dreading at the same time. It was to be my highest volume of mileage ever as I trained for the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 in July. The plan was to hit 400 miles for the month with 90 in the first week, 100 in the second, 110 in the third, and back down to 100 in the fourth. I had never done a single week of 100 miles so I was nervous and excited to see how I would hold out averaging 100 for four weeks.

The first week of June went very smoothly. I had taken the last week of May pretty easy in order to rest for what was to come. I ended up with 90 miles with 9,700 feet of elevation gain.

June Week 1 Training Volume

In the second week I finally crossed the 100 mile per week line for the first time in my running history. So far the plan was working pretty flawlessly. I was doing most of the running at relatively easy paces since doing this kind of volume was uncharted territory for me.


During the third week the wheels started coming off the wagon a little bit. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I had horrible runs. I felt lethargic and like my legs were dead. Then all of a sudden I had an incredible run on Sunday and set a few Strava segment PRs. 110 miles in the book for the week which is my highest volume ever and probably will be for a while.


Disaster struck on Monday of the fourth week. I was out shopping and when I went to grab a case of soda out from under the shopping cart to put on the register I pulled something in my back. This was on my rest day out of all days! I imagine it happened so easily because my body was fatigued. I took Tuesday off to nurse my injury. During this time I isolated the pain and figured it was my Piriformis and not my back. I’ve dealt with this problem before and know it actually helps to run through the pain. My week was somewhat salvaged.

After some serious massage on my Piriformis I was set to hit the road again. On Wednesday I put in a couple easy 6 milers to test out the back. It was still sore from the tension the tight Piriformis was placing on it but it felt better after I was done running. I fell short of my goal of 100 miles for the week but I was grateful to get some decent mileage after the back scare. It is still not 100% but should be by race day.


I ended the month with 385 miles with 44,304 feet of vertical gain. I didn’t hit my goal of 400 miles but I’m fine with that. The more important goal is making it to the TRT100 starting line healthy. As an added bonus I ended up ranking pretty high on the Strava June Monthly Training Series (MTS) leader board. My 620km placed me at 16/39,702 runners participating. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the first page of a Strava challenge leader board.

Strava June Monthly Training Series (MTS)

Total Activities: 32
Total Hours: 63
Running Miles: 385
Racing Miles: 0

Strava Challenges Completed

Strava Prove It 40K RunStrava Prove It 80K RunStrava Prove It 120K RunStrava Prove It 160K RunStrava Prove It 200K RunStrava Races 10KStrava Races 13.1

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Monthly Miles: May Recap

I finally started ramping up my training volume in May by logging 78 more miles than April. This is just the beginning too. I’m hoping for a huge June to set myself up for a shot of going under 24 hours at the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 in July. Speaking of which, I also finished the last four of eight required volunteer hours doing trail work on a new section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail. That means I’m fully qualified to run the 100 miler.

This month Suunto sponsored the Sisu Challenge on Strava. Sisu is a Finnish word that means going against the odds and displaying courage. For the challenge we were supposed to courageously go beyond our limits and log 65 kilometers (40.4mi) between May 17th and June 1st. 20 miles a week is pretty low to be considered a challenge. It looks like they kept the bar low for a reason. Anyone who completes the “challenge” is eligible to purchase a Suunto Ambit2 R GPS watch with a heart rate monitor for $250.

May was a good stepping stone in my training for Tahoe. June will be my biggest month of training ever and I’m looking forward to seeing how my body responds to the increased running volume.

Total Activities: 29
Total Hours: 46
Running Miles: 282
Racing Miles: 0

Strava Challenges Completed

Strava Prove It 40K RunStrava Prove It 80K RunStrava Prove It 120K RunStrava Prove It 160K RunStrava Prove It 200K RunStrava Races 10KStrava Races 13.1Strava Suunto Sisu Challenge 50%Strava Suunto Sisu Challenge Complete

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Monthly Miles: April Recap

I didn’t achieve the running volume I was hoping for in April. Sometimes life gets in the way and you just have to roll with the flow. I was able to knock out two good weeks while letting the mileage slip during the other two. I was also able to fulfill 4 of the 8 hours of volunteer trail work that are required for the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 which I will be running in July. This month Strava finally gave runners a new challenge. For the week between the London Marathon and the Boston Marathon we had to run the distance of a marathon to complete the Marathon Challenge. I really need to get my volume up next month no matter what life throws at me.

Total Activities: 26
Total Miles: 206
Total Hours: 30
Running Miles: 206
Racing Miles: 0

Strava Challenges Completed

Strava Prove It 40K RunStrava Prove It 80K RunStrava Prove It 120K RunStrava Prove It 160K RunStrava Prove It 200K RunStrava Races 10KStrava Races 13.1Strava Marathon ChallengeStrava Marathon Challenge Complete

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Monthly Miles: March Recap

Considering I spent the first week of this month tapering and the second week recovering I’m happy with the amount of running miles I was able to log. From the 24th through the 30th I was able to log 70 miles running which is my highest weekly volume ever. The thing that suffered the most was my cycling due to a job change. Moving forward it looks like I will be logging significantly more running miles and less cycling miles.

Total Activities: 25
Total Miles: 231
Total Hours: 32
Cycling Miles: 33
Running Miles: 198
Racing Miles: 31


Way Too Cool 50K

Strava Challenges Completed


Strava Prove It 40K RunStrava Prove It 80K RunStrava Prove It 120K RunStrava Prove It 160K RunStrava Prove It 200K RunStrava Races 10KStrava Races 13.1Strava Goat Hill Segment Challenge

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Race Report: 2014 Way Too Cool

Way Too Cool 50K Logo

Last year at this race I was fighting piriformis issues and I tripped mid-race on a rock. This year I didn’t fare much better. My training was coming along nicely going into February and then I caught the flu which derailed me for a couple weeks. I missed out on running the Fort Ord 50K as a training race and I wasn’t able to get the miles in. Enough excuses, let’s get to what happened.

Even with the minimal training I thought I would have a shot at beating last year’s time if I ran smart. The plan was to go easier in the beginning so I could run more of the climbs which fall later in the race than I did last year. It was a sound theory but once the race started I apparently had forgotten about it. The first mile of this race is on the road and it is FAST. Everyone jockeys for position before the single track starts on the Olmstead Loop. Using Strava to compare my time on the first loop to last year, I accomplished my goal of going slower. By 5 seconds. Too fast!

Way Too Cool 50K Course Map

Way Too Cool 50K Course Map

After the Olmstead loop we headed down to Highway 49. While I was able to run it a little bit slower than last year (39 sec), I think I pushed it way too hard for the little amount of time I had spent on the trails lately. I have a feeling the pounding my legs took here would lead to them failing me later in the race.

Next up is a rolling fire road along the middle fork of the American River. I was able to run this section considerably slower, as planned. Around mile 13 I noticed my hamstrings were feeling particularly tight and was afraid they would blow up if I pushed too hard.

Running Along the American River

Around mile 17 is when you start the first real climb of the course. The climb is runnable for the most part but I had a problem. My hamstrings decided they had enough and were in quite a bit of pain. The lack of training time on the trails caught up to me. I decided to just cruise and or hike the next few miles to give them a rest and see if they would bounce back.

Way Too Cool 50K Elevation Profile

Way Too Cool 50K Elevation Profile

About mile 21 you reach the Auburn Lakes Trail (ALT) aid station. This signifies the top of the first climb and is the start of about 5 miles of very runnable trails. Too bad I still couldn’t run. It was heartbreaking to slowly jog this portion of the course.

Around the end of mile 26 lies the infamous Goat Hill. It is roughly a third of a mile long and you gain approximately 276 feet of elevation which equates to a 20% grade. This year Strava turned it into a segment challenge. Everyone who completed the segment challenge would be entered to randomly win some Strava prizes. I finished 101 out of 215 runners. Since I haven’t heard anything from Strava about prizes I’m going to assume I didn’t win.
Strava Segment ChallengeAt the top of Goat Hill is another aid station. After topping off my supplies I headed down the trail. Once again, this is a runnable section of the course and I was hobbled. It is mostly downhill with a few rolling sections thrown in. Somewhere in this section I ran into Bruce Cyra who I ran a large portion of this race with last year. I hopped into the group he was with for a little while before my hamstrings needed another break.

After reaching the Highway 49 crossing you’re treated to your final aid station before heading up the final climb. This climb isn’t that tough on its own but after suffering through 29 miles it can be a pain in the ass. Luckily after the climb you aren’t far from the finish line where your frog cupcake is waiting for you!

Way Too Cool Frog Cupcake

Mine Looks Kind of Sad This Year

I finished the race in 5:34:54. About 50 minutes slower than I did last year. Given the shape I was in I probably shouldn’t have expected more but if I had stuck to my more conservative plan I probably would have done better. Just a couple weeks later I’ve made huge gains in my fitness and I’m ready to tackle the next challenge.

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#LVKickOffNight – Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas Kick Off Night Virtual Run

I’m not a fan of most virtual runs. You know, the ones where you go out and do a run and then someone mails you a medal for it. I don’t think there needs to be a reward for everything you do in life. The reward should be the great feeling you get after completing a run. With that said, I just did my first official virtual race. This one was a little different though.
Las Vegas Kick Off Night
The folks at Competitor created the Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas Kick Off Night Virtual Run as a promotion for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and Half. You have between March 18th and April 2nd to sign up, run 5K, and submit proof of your run. In addition to the virtual run there are several hosted runs at various local running shops throughout the country. All the information is on their site.

So what do you get for doing the virtual run? What could cause someone who doesn’t believe in them to take part in one? A free shirt for the first 2,500 to submit their proof! Okay, that wasn’t my motivation. You are also entered to win an entry into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and Half! If you’re interested in signing up, there’s still plenty of time.

Here’s my proof on Strava.
#LVKickOffNight Proof



The virtual medals are now available on Basno.

Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Kickoff Night Finisher Medal

Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Kickoff Night Participant Virtual Medal


Inaugural Tinker Bell 10K Award

Tinker Bell 10K Logo

Earlier this year I ran the inaugural Tinker Bell 10K at Disneyland. It was far from my best race but it was good enough to place second in my age group. For the last two years during the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend men have only been eligible to receive co-ed team awards. This weekend my award showed up in my mailbox. It was nice of runDisney to give us men a chance for additional hardware for the 10K.

Tinker Bell 10K Age Group Award


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